Writer’s tendonitis

Nadia Lee, an up and coming writer of romance fiction, interviewed me a few days ago for her blog. She’d been suffering from wrist and forearm pain (mainly minor RSIs stemming from too much typing and mousing) for a few weeks and — after seeing a doctor and getting physical therapy for months — finally got sick of it. Since I know her in real life I gave her some advice on how to get rid of her pain, as well as tips on how to manage the cause of the problem in the future.

While I don’t give away any secrets in the interview, if you’re a writer it might be worth your while to check it out.

A couple of testimonials

Got a couple new testimonials this past week, so I thought I’d share them here.

One is from Bob, who had wrist pain from overuse of his computer and who got a copy of Target Tendonitis. His response:

I used the techniques in your report, and my wrist pain went away within a week.

And from snowcat2, an internet acquaintance who has acute Achilles tendonitis, plus complications from mononucleosis:

Your information was really helpful. Thanks! I’m taking it slow.

These two responses show just how diverse tendon pain can be, and how much of a range there is in recovery time. Robert’s case was resolved unusually fast; it’s going to take snowcat2 a little longer. Both of them, though, are obviously happy with the way my techniques worked for them.

(By the way, if you’re wondering why these testimonials aren’t of the usual, superlative-laden, “OMG your book changed my life/enabled me to quit my job and make millions in my underwear while watching Baywatch reruns/got me dates with 187 Playboy playmates in just one night” sort, there’s a very good reason: they’re real.)

If you’re suffering from tendon problems, what are you waiting for? Target Tendonitis costs less than twenty bucks (still!), and fully guaranteed at that. Other than your tendon pain, you really don’t have anything to lose.