Customer Testimonial for Target Tendonitis

So guy down in Mexico, Carli, who is a life coach and in amazing physical condition, wrote and asked for help resolving a tendonopathy (just a fancy word for an unspecified tendon issue). He knows a lot about bodies on his own, does Ironman races and so on, and had taken the Tendon Test on this website to determine what his problem actually was. The indication was not tendonitis at all, but seemed more likely to be tendonosis.

Still, after trying some of my exercises for a couple of weeks, Carli wasn’t seeing the results he’d hoped for. So he sent me a message and asked for some specific advice. Customer support is part of selling a product, and I don’t mind giving individual advice (within reason!) if someone has a question about the content of my ebook or videos. And I mind even less if they’re not getting the results they want, because what I want is happy customers! After all, the whole point of my putting up this website and writing the ebook is to help people. If I can’t do that, there’s no reason to stay in business.

It turned out that I needed Carli to make a video of the exact exercises he was doing for his de Quervain’s Syndrome problem. With today’s technology, a lot of times it’s just easier to show me what the problem is than try to describe it in an email or text. After reviewing his video, I gave him my opinion about what was going on with his body. Basically, I suspected that his problem may not be tendon issue at all, and so I recommended that he see a medical specialist for a professional opinion. While I don’t have a super-high opinion of how doctors generally approach tendonopathies, there is no question that they have excellent specialized knowledge of conditions that can be mistaken for a tendon problem (like nerve impingement, arthritis, cartilage degeneration, etc.) by a layperson. Carli sent me back this very nice reply:

That’s great feedback, Alex. I’ll try an appointment with a MD and see what they say. I’ll also continue with the exercises and monitor any change. And yes, I’m 43 (thx for the “late 30’s” guess hehe), so even though I’m in top shape the body doesn’t take what it could at 25.

I’m determined to get better, so I’m sure I will, one way or another.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read, watch, and reply. It really shows you’re passionate about what you do and that you care for your clients & readers. I’ll be sure to point anyone with similar troubles your way.

Blessings, and have a great week!

The jury is still out on what exactly Carli’s issue is. But I’ll be here to help as much as I can, and between my knowledge and the help of an MD, there is every chance that he’ll fix his problem once and for all.