Masahiro Tanaka back from tendon injury

Ran across this story this morning as I was browsing the web for tendon pain information. (Yes, I actually do that…) Back at the end of April, the Yankees put pitcher Masahiro Tanaka on the disabled list due to some tendon pain in his wrist. It wasn’t a bad case, but when you’re subjecting your arm to the stress of major league pitching, slight injuries can become severe injuries very quickly.

What I found interesting was that the Yankees knew he was going to be okay in only a couple of weeks. From the start, he was only supposed to be on the DL for about 15 days. And sure enough, he’s made a more or less full recovery as of today (May 12th). If you take a look at the video of his pitching practice linked above, you won’t see anything in his form that would indicate lingering pain or a lack of joint mobility.

So why were they so confident? It’s because the Yankees have access to the best doctors and trainers, and with millions of dollars riding on their winning baseball games, they can’t afford NOT to keep up with the latest, most effective methods of rehabilitating their athletes.

Tendon pain is more or less unavoidable if you play sports at a high level, so the Yankees (along with every other professional sports team) know that they’re going to have to deal with it. And so they hire people who understand what to do when something goes wrong. And they have every confidence that their players will get better if they have the right regimen of nutrition and rehab exercise, and so can make predictions (that turn out to be true) about how long it will take before, say, a wrist tendon is ready for action again.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably have a tendon issue of your own. Think about it for a few moments. Are you as confident that you know what to do to get yourself off the DL and back into the game of life? Or are you slowly starting to feel overwhelmed, and getting to be afraid that this tendon problem you have is going to permanently affect your life?

If it’s the latter, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is good scientific evidence, supported by over a hundred human (not animal or “in vitrio”) studies across the entire globe, that certain types of exercise and nutritional supplements can completely reverse tendon pain in most cases. It’s what I write about in my ebook. Chronic tendon pain, usually called “tendonitis” but more accurately referred to as “tendonosis”, doesn’t have to affect you forever…as the Yankees well know.