A success story

I’d like to share a success story with you today. Jonathan, a 30-year-old football player, bought a copy of Target Tendonitis last month. Here is his email to me:

Hi, I bought your book today [Feb. 15th] and had a quick read on my kindle.

I have been having post tibial tendonitis for 7 months.. From what your book says it might not be the case and is probably tendonisis. I did an MRI back in January and it showed that my deltoid ligaments were still inflamed. I stopped exercising (running or football) for about 6 months although I did the elliptical once in a while but things got worse when I had to walk a lot for 1 week going up and down the stairs.

That made my ankle inflamed again . My doctor finally gave me a cortisone injection. It has been 4 days now and the pain has gone down a bit. I definitely have less pain although it is not 100% as i can feel that my tendon is somehow weak. I wanted to ask you if I can start [your recommended] exercises to start strengthening my tendons and also what kind of exercise I can do to treat Post tibial tendonisis. The book doesn’t show any examples for that.

Since working with Jonathan, I have received so many complaints about PTT, plantar fasciitis and achilles tendon pain that I created a new website specifically to talk about these problems. If you have any of these issues, I recommend that you check it out because it has a LOT more information about them than Target Tendonitis does. But at the time I gave Jonathan some specific movement patterns and asked him to try them for a couple of weeks.

On March 3rd, I followed up to ask how he was feeling. This was the unedited response:

Hi Alex, much better! I get no pain when sitting and almost no pain when walking, just some stiffness. I went to do some deep tissue massage last week… Boy did it hurt 🙂 I am still doing my exercises but i do them every 2 days and now I don’t feel any pain doing them but only some stiffness the next day which I usually tackle by stretching a little.

Congratulations to Jonathan for taking the time to try something new and on his speedy recovery. If you’ve been suffering from tendon pain in your feet/ankles for more than a couple of weeks and would like to experience similar results, Target Plantar Fasciitis and Posterior Tibial Tendonitis has information that can help you out.