Yet Another Testimonial

Target Tendonitis has gone international. Each month I ask previous customers for feedback on the book, and this month I’d like to share a testimonial from one in Latin America…

Dear Alex:

The book has been very beneficial. I have suffered from stubborn tendinosis three times. The first two ones were elbow tendinosis. I simply did too many pullups. These were not mere “tendinitis” . I aggravated the tendinitis because I didn`t rest enough. The point is I felt it in the morning only, but every morning was worse. So I had to quit pulling for months-well, more than a year-till I decided to perform [the recommended exercises].
I am currently curing from another one in my Achilles tendon. Now I´m better, but I had to stop running from last November to June. It was when I bought your book that I began doing [the recommended exercise], which improved my Achilles a lot.

To summarize : this stuff works and is very practical and easy to implement.

Thanks a lot, man. Tendinopathies really suck, and your book can help many people.

Santiago Ces Garcia
P.D. : Feel free to use my humble review.

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