Testimonial from New Zealand

Hi Alex

I am really pleased to be able to say after two long years of tendon pain I am 98% recovered. After trying every treatment possible from acupuncture, massage, glucose injections, dry needling and so many more expensive treatments I thought I would never find a cure. I followed your program for 2 months and for the first time in 2 years I actually was able to start running again. My tendon problem was the hamstring attachment at the ischial tuberosity, and it took a while to find the best exercises for it. I started with [list of progression of exercises]. Still doing exercises most days. Always do a set before I run. Still have a tiny bit of tenderness after I run [which] disappears soon as I stretch my hamstrings. I’m back running 3-4x a week now, slowly building my distances feels great. Thank you so much, the best $24NZ dollars I ever spent.

Regards, Mary-anne

I will say thank you and congratulations to Mary-anne, who didn’t give up and persisted long enough to find a treatment that actually worked. I can’t imagine how much tendon pain she must have had to have actually tried glucose injections (I’ll have a post up on this method of treatment soon)…

To everyone else, Target Tendonitis is only going to be US$29.97 until the end of this month. After that the price is going up due to the tremendous added value of the series of videos that now comes with it. So if you’re thinking about ordering, this is the last week that you’ll be able to get it for the same price that Mary-anne paid – and the videos will be thrown in for free!