A REAL Cell Phone Problem

I’ve written about cell phones before and the tendency for power users to develop tendon problems in their thumbs. But my friend Mike Geary has put together an article about another problem that men who keep cell phones in their pockets may develop, and believe me, it’s a lot worse than a sore tendon!

Mike is the guy behind The Truth About Abs, which has been sold in something like 160 countries (if you’re interested in firming up your midsection it’s an excellent program), and he’s been delivering good information about fitness and health for over half a decade now. The article on the other side of this particular link is based on some information given by Tim Ferriss, (of The Four-Hour Workweek fame) in his new book The Four Hour Body. Ferriss enjoys using himself as a human guinea pig, and while his methods are certainly unorthodox, I can attest from personal experience that they work. If you carry a cell phone in your pocket, male or female, you definitely want to take a few moments and read what he and Mike have to say.