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A person named “Frank Jones” posted a review on Amazon a while back about my ebook, Target Tendonitis. I didn’t respond to the review because I think that everyone is entitled to express their opinion, but now in one of the comments Mr. Jones has basically accused me of scamming people. So here is my response:

1. I checked my records, and no one named Frank Jones has ever ordered TT from my website. (I also checked for F. Jones, FrankJ and other likely variants of the name. Nothing.)

2. While it’s true that, at the time Mr. Jones allegedly ordered the book from my website, no video was included with the ebook, there is 90 minutes’ worth of video that now comes with the package. I understand that having only text explanations of the techniques made it difficult for some people to follow, especially those with no real exercise experience, so I shot the videos to help out with that. (This is why I no longer offer a Kindle version of the book – no way to include video.)

3. That said, plenty of people ordered TT before the video was included and understood what to do without any problem. Also, every edition of TT since the first has included two separate photo series that visually illustrate the idea behind the exercises. And every edition of TT has also included links to web resources that do show how to do a wide variety of exercises in quite a bit of detail. If, after reading the text explanation and looking at the photos, Frank still didn’t understand how to perform an exercise, all he had to do was click on one of the three separate links provided.

4. According to what Mr. Jones himself says, the TT ebook at the time was 46 pages long and he apparently went through it in 20-30 minutes. It’s true that Target Tendonitis is slightly technical, so if he only took (at most) 40 seconds per page that may have been the problem.

5. As Bobbi Casellas pointed out in the comments to the review, I have always been available via email (the address is in the ebook) for consultation if someone doesn’t understand something. No one named Frank Jones has ever emailed me with a question about anything.

6. Now here’s the kicker: the insinuation that he tried all kinds of ways to get his money back but couldn’t. I’ll tell you, this really burns me up. The fact is, no therapy works for everyone, and on average I end up refunding about 3% of the people who order TT. I have been in business since December of 2009, and if you look around the internet, starting in 2010 you can find interviews with me on blogs that have nothing to do with tendons, activity in places like Yahoo Answers, several recommendations from crossfit forums (http://board.crossfit.com/archive/index.php/t-78028.html …scroll down to Ari Sherwood’s post), tennis forums (http://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/archive/index.php/t-445225.html …see SystemicAnomaly’s post),
bodybuilding, triathalon and guitar forums (google and see for yourself), a recommendation from an MD…even a citation in Business Insider.

My articles have been translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese and the ebook itself is on sale in Japanese (http://www.targettendonitis.com/japanesesalespage/). This is in addition to mentions in places like bodybuilding forums and the like (scroll down to USguyinAsia’s post), etc.

To put it bluntly, I have sold over a thousand copies of Target Tendonitis in more than forty different countries, and I have a pretty good rep. That doesn’t come from scamming people on refunds.

Of course, no one named Frank Jones has ever emailed me for a refund. But if Frank Jones really did order from my website, as he claims, he would know that I use Paypal as my payment processor. Paypal gives a 60-day refund period for anything bought using their service. If he really was that dissatisfied with the book (and if he really did buy the non-Kindle version), then he could have initiated a dispute with me via Paypal and gotten his money back that way. And if for whatever reason Paypal didn’t give him satisfaction, he could have initiated a charge-back with his credit card to get his money back. I guess I don’t have to say this again, but I will: no one named Frank Jones has ever done any such thing. In fact, no one named anything has ever done that.

So what do we have?

      Someone who either has lied about ordering or else used a different name from what he’s using on Amazon.


      Someone who claims that he ordered the PDF version of TT from my site, but then for some reason decided to go and post a negative review of the Kindle version on Amazon’s Kindle site…when he doesn’t own a Kindle.


      Someone who skimmed a 46-page ebook in 20-30 minutes but then claims that the explanations were hard to understand.


    Someone who says that he really, really tried to get his money back but never emailed me, never initiated a Paypal dispute, never did a charge-back with his credit card.

I honestly don’t know what Frank Jones’ problem is, but I guess it’s true that you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Regardless, the vast majority of people who have ordered Target Tendonitis have been happy with their results, as you can see from the testimonials on my pages, both from men and from women. Of course, testimonials can be faked–even though mine aren’t–so that’s why I’ve included the independent links above, as well as suggestions for other places you can search for yourself to see if you want to buy my products.

Ultimately, buying anything online involves a leap of faith. But I have tried to take as much of the risk upon myself as possible. If the guarantee on my sales page doesn’t convince you; if the fact that you’re ordering through Paypal, and can always appeal to them if you have a problem, doesn’t make you feel better; if the option to use your own personal credit card, with all the safety and guarantees that come with such usage doesn’t seem like enough… Well, I don’t know what to tell you.

All I can say is that after four years of being in business and selling thousands copies of my ebooks all over the world, “Frank Jones” is the only person on the entire planet to have accused me of anything like this. It also seems significant that in the two years since Frank Jones posted his review, two people have come forward with positive comments versus no one at all with a similar complaint.

If you have any questions about my legitimacy, or about anything on my website, I invite you to get in touch via the contact form that’s on this site. You’ll see that you get a personal response, and that I’m not some faceless internet scammer as “Frank Jones” has tried to make me out to be.