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I haven’t published one of these in a while, but the testimonials keep coming in for Target Tendonitis.  Here’s one from a guy who has had quite a number of tendon issues:


Purchased your program.

I’ve been applying [the recommended exercises] to my very complicated tendonosis profile for about a week and a half.  I anticipate several more weeks of application before I can realistically consider working out again.  Still, I’m performing “everyday” movements again and that is HUGE.  If I’m understanding the material, it’s possible to tailor the exercises to fit virtually any circumstance.  Find the movement that causes pain and “reverse engineer it.”

Your videos are excellent and I keep coming back to them.  Tendonosis seems to behave like a contagion in the body and it’s so helpful to keep coming back to solid reference points.  I’ll check back in a few weeks.  So far, much, much more progress than I would have imagined within the time frame.

Terry Maness

Terry’s tendon pain started in one of his elbows and “exploded” (his word) all up and down his arm from there, from forearm to shoulder. But he is exactly right in that the techniques given in Target Tendonitis can be adapted to tendon issues in any part of the body. Terry has taken his symptoms one at a time and applied the correct sort of exercise to them, with the above results. I’m confident that in a few more weeks he’ll be able to get back into the gym and resume his workouts without much problem at all…and more importantly, no permanent loss of strength.

In my videos, I give 90 minutes of specific instruction showing exercises that you can do for all the parts of the body that are most commonly apt to suffer from tendon problems. An hour and a half is quite a bit of time to go through the main joints and attachments, so the videos are pretty thorough. But still, it’s impossible to put out a video for every imaginable point that might suffer from tendonosis, so the materials also show you how to design your own specific exercises specially tailored to your own tendon pain.  There’s a text explanation of the principles in the ebook, and for people who learn best by watching someone else do something, I take you through the exact process on-camera in the videos.

While tendons themselves are pretty generic (regardless of what some people might tell you, they’re all pretty much the same; there’s nothing special about an elbow tendon versus a hip tendon), the fact is that people are individuals. Factors such as bone length, tendon insertion points, age, general health, lifestyle, type of work and so on can make a certain exercise effective for one person, but not for another. So I feel it’s important to help educate people on how to help themselves.  I’ve tried to make it so that after you go though the Target Tendonitis materials, there won’t be any question at all about how best to attack your tendon pain.

However, there are several different classifications of tendon pain.  And I don’t want you to order anything from me without there being a good chance that my materials are going to do you some good.  That’s why I’ve put together a tendon test that’s completely free and will only take one minute (literally) of your time.  You can see for yourself whether Target Tendonitis is right for your specific case before deciding to order.



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