A Nice Testimonial

Here’s a testimonial that I received via email a few days ago:

I am writing you to give you my thanks. I am a 24 year old male who has suffered from pain in my left wrist for 2 years before I found you’re book target tendonitis.

I tried everything you can think of. All the doctors visits, MRI’s, and steroid shots could not fix the pain. I considered surgery many times. As a last ditch effort I found your book and the program in it.

Now let’s fast forward a couple months. I am now back in the gym, lifting weight like I used to, with no pain. You have helped me beyond words. It’s funny how such a simple idea can trump the multitude of doctors visits I had. It is proof that a little self research and alternative therapy goes a LONG way.

Thank you very much for helping to give me my life back. Working out is very important to me and I was not the same person without the gym.

Thank you for sharing the knowledge,

The above was completely unsolicited, and is typical of the results that people who have stubborn tendon pain can expect when they use my system. I say “my” system, but the method has been known now for at least a decade, and there are more than a hundred scientific studies that have been done proving that it works (some of which I list at the end of Target Tendonitis). For some reason, though, the medical community hasn’t picked up on it yet…maybe because they’d prefer you to keep coming in for cortisone shots? I don’t know.

Like Preston says, a little self-research can go a long way, especially today when medical visits cost so much. But even if they cost nothing at all, who wants to get involved with all the time and hassle of going to a doctor’s office when you can usually fix tendon pain by yourself, on your own schedule, and without having to travel anywhere?

If you think that such a cure doesn’t really exist, I invite you to have a look at the testimonial pages that are shown on the right-hand side of this site. Just like Preston above, men and women of all ages have benefited from the treatment protocol laid out in Target Tendonitis, and I’ve gotten some pretty amazing testimonials to show for it. (Some even come from medical professionals!)

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