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The following is a testimonial that was freely given by a client named Jan Manzanero. It highlights the problems that can occur when a tendon issue is misdiagnosed as inflammation – usually the doctor tells you it’s “tendonitis”, but in this case the verdict was tenosynovitis, which is inflammation of the sheath around the tendon. Of course, estimates by people who study this problem say that the chances are up to 95% that it’s really tendonosis if you’ve had the pain for more than a few weeks and it hasn’t responded to NSAIDs, icing and rest.

But I’ll let Jan speak for herself:

Hello, Alex. I have intended to write you back for some time.

I found your book through a search when I didn’t like the direction my care was going. An orthopedic doctor had diagnosed me with de Quervain’s tenosynovitis of the right wrist, and had given me a cortisione shot. He also prescribed a gel that made me dizzy, and I went to three sessions of physical therapy. The therapist applied heat for 30 minutes while she chatted with other clients, and then made a wrist brace to immobilize the joint. That was the plan: completely immobilize it. She said she had had the same condition, and had recovered by this method. By the third session, it was no better, my hand was getting alarmingly weak, and I was in tears. This seemed to alarm her, as well, and she recommended I return to the doctor. The doctor had already given me the protocol: try the cortisone shot, gel, and physical therapy, and if none of that works, surgery. There was no way I would consent to surgery, so I began an internet search…

Through continued searching, I found your book and felt improvement almost immediately using your methods. I continue to use the principles for occasional flare-ups of right wrist pain, as well as problems in several other areas, as needed. It has been a great help! The best part is that I am avoiding unnecessary therapies and pain killers, and — worst of all — surgery! Thank you so much for the book. I wish more medical professionals would employ these methods.

Jan Manzanero

Deep down, people generally know when something isn’t working for them. Presented with a therapy plan that clearly didn’t work for her, Jan was courageous enough to take matters into her own hands and searched until she found a real answer.

If you’re suffering from long-term tendon pain, it’s critically important that you understand the real nature of your condition. To help out with this, I’ve put together a tendon test that can help diagnose your problem in less than a minute.

Not only is it completely free, it might actually save you quite a bit of time and money that would otherwise be wasted on pursuing useless therapies that result from a misdiagnosis. So take a minute of your time and see how much useless pain and suffering you can save yourself.

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