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If you’ve read much of this blog, you know that I sometimes (okay, fairly often) take issue with the diagnoses that physicians give to their patients. Doctors will routinely call any sort of tendon pain “tendonitis”, even though that term only applies to a very specific sort of tendon problem (inflammation).

But doctors generally think they know what’s going on, and so I don’t very often have them buy my ebook. August 23rd, however, was different. I got a “sale” message and noticed that the email address was from a senior physician employed at a well-known major pharmaceutical company. (I can’t mention the name here, but trust me, you’ve heard of it.) I thought, “Huh” and then more or less forgot about it after that. But two days later, I got the following email:

Dear Alex,

Purchased Target Tendonitis 2 days ago – started the exercises (for my shoulder) and they seem to be working already! I will let you know more after a few weeks.


Allen H Heller, MD
Vice President, Medical Science
[Company name]

So, not only a doctor, but a VP at a major health-care company. Dr. Heller was also nice enough to include the abstract of a new study that supports the techniques I reference in Target Tendonitis, so we talked shop a bit via email. Then came the following message:

Started the protocol on Weds, and the improvement is truly remarkable. I had had symptoms for more than 6 months and began working with a local PT about 4 weeks ago with only modest improvement. I would say subjectively that I’m about 80 per cent better after 3 days. The improvement was so dramatic that this is why I searched the literature to see to what extent this approach was generally known. (My background is in internal medicine, clinical pharmacology, and statistics -not PT or sports medicine.)

Allen Heller

I’ll say here that my approach is very well-documented, scientifically speaking, and also has a lot of anecdotal evidence going for it. Yet health care professionals seem to be almost completely unaware of it. It’s really strange.

Anyway, we exchanged a few more emails and then the correspondence dropped off. On October 11th (about seven weeks into Dr. Heller’s recovery program) I emailed him to follow up. This is the reply I got:

My symptoms are about 98 per cent gone. It’s really quite remarkable. I was about 80 per cent better after the first week, and in fact, stopped going to my local PT at that point because your program was so effective and better than the less targeted program I was doing there. The very minor symptoms that remain are barely perceptible and don’t interfere with any activities. I confess that they are so minor that I stopped doing the routine – I suspect that if I continued the program they would be 100 percent resolved. It also seems that what’s left is improving on its own. So I expect symptoms will be 100 percent resolved with a little more time.

Warm regards,


I mentioned that even though the symptoms had more or less disappeared, throwing in a couple of “maintenance sets” of the exercises would be a good idea simply for the preventive effect. (Once a tendon has been injured, there is a tendency to develop tendonosis in that location again.) Here is the final email I received from Dr. Heller:

You suggested the value of continuing the exercises as a preventive measure. I did so, and at the same time returned to my pre-injury arm and shoulder weight work-outs. I can now say that my previous symptoms are essentially undetectable.

The close temporal relationship between your exercise sets and the dramatic improvement (after months of symptoms) is highly convincing. The causal relationship is also supported by at least one well-designed randomized trial in the literature. The efficacy of your approach is quite remarkable.

Warm regards,

So there you have it. If you have been waiting for a certified medical professional’s opinion on Target Tendonitis (and by that, I mean someone who is not only familiar with the research but has actually tried the program), I can’t give you anything better than the above. If you’re still on the fence about ordering, Dr. Heller’s testimonial, plus the 100% money-back guarantee that I offer, should help you make up your mind. But before you order, do us both a favor and take the tendon test that I have on this page. It will tell you what sort of tendon pain you have, and whether or not Target Tendonitis is the right thing for it.

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