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Free tendon mini-course

If you’re becoming frustrated with tendon pain that won’t go away, I have some good news. I’ve put together a free (yes, completely free) mini-course on long-term tendon pain that will show you exactly why you’re not getting better. If you’ve had tendon pain for more than a couple of weeks, the odds are very good that – despite what you might have been told – it’s not actually tendonitis, but tendonosis. My mini-course takes you through the difference, explains why the two are completely separate conditions, and gives you some advice about what you can do about it.

Obviously, if you think you have Condition A but you really have Condition B, you’re not going to make much progress trying to treat Condition A. You can take the Tendon Test (also completely free) to find out in about a minute which one you have, but if you’d like to educate yourself about what’s really going on inside your body, sign up for the mini-course (the sign-up form is on the right) and have a read. Again, it’s totally free and you can unsubscribe at any time.


Thanks so much! Besides the healing, you've also provided me w/a tremendous amount of empowerment.
- Bobbi Casellas, 42, crossfit enthusiast

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My recuperation has been about 90% ... The pain relief from the first couple of weeks of exercises was impressive...
- Michael Dorfman, 69-year-old fitness buff

More testimonials from men

Sensational. The best customer service I've probably ever received.
- Damien Hosking, Adelaide South Australia