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Ankle tendonitis

I recently put up a new post about ankle tendon pain on our sister site, Target Plantar Fasciitis. If you have tendon pain in your foot or ankle, you should check that site out. While this site deals with tendon pain throughout the body, TPF focuses on tendon and fascia pain in the feet and ankles, and the ebook+video package that is on sale there will give you more in the way of specific exercises and suggestions for those parts of the body.

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Thanks so much! Besides the healing, you've also provided me w/a tremendous amount of empowerment.
- Bobbi Casellas, 42, crossfit enthusiast

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My recuperation has been about 90% ... The pain relief from the first couple of weeks of exercises was impressive...
- Michael Dorfman, 69-year-old fitness buff

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Sensational. The best customer service I've probably ever received.
- Damien Hosking, Adelaide South Australia