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A short video about long-term tendon pain

A while back I put together a short video that gives a quick overview of what you need to know about long-term tendon pain. It’s a little over seven minutes, and deals with the differences between tendonitis and tendonosis.

If you’ve been going to a doctor or other medical specialist and think that the advice you’ve been getting is wrong, this video will tell you exactly what questions to ask, and why.

This video is a little dated, because Target Tendonitis now comes with an hour and a half of video that shows you exactly what sort of exercises to do for your tendon pain, no matter what area of the body you might have it in. The price has gone up a little – it’s now $29.97 – but it’s still the best deal out there and far less than a visit to the doctor is going to cost.

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Thanks so much! Besides the healing, you've also provided me w/a tremendous amount of empowerment.
- Bobbi Casellas, 42, crossfit enthusiast

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My recuperation has been about 90% ... The pain relief from the first couple of weeks of exercises was impressive...
- Michael Dorfman, 69-year-old fitness buff

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Sensational. The best customer service I've probably ever received.
- Damien Hosking, Adelaide South Australia