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“I have to say the book has very insightful material and information. Its definitely helping me through some serious golfer’s elbow. Alex Nordach has been over the top with help from a personal standpoint. You couldn’t get that from a Dr. or any other web books. Best purchase I made in a long time.”

– Clint Shelton, 35, weightlifter, via Facebook

If you’ve been suffering from tendon pain for more than a couple of weeks and are still hoping to get better using icing and aspirin, stop wasting time. Take the free Tendon Test to find out just what kind of tendon pain you have (hint: it’s probably tendonosis, not tendonitis) and choose the best method of rehabilitation. All tendon pain is not created equal.

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Thanks so much! Besides the healing, you've also provided me w/a tremendous amount of empowerment.
- Bobbi Casellas, 42, crossfit enthusiast

More testimonials from women

My recuperation has been about 90% ... The pain relief from the first couple of weeks of exercises was impressive...
- Michael Dorfman, 69-year-old fitness buff

More testimonials from men

Sensational. The best customer service I've probably ever received.
- Damien Hosking, Adelaide South Australia