Another testimonial (from a tennis player)

Just received another nice testimonial from a woman named Cindy Sekelick. She was suffering from lateral epicondylitis (otherwise known as tennis elbow) and wrote in to say:

Hi Alex,

Implementing your ideas really did help me. I was injured last June and in the last few weeks I can say my arm is almost healed. I play tennis so that was a strong motivation for getting my arm back to normal.

I am so glad your information was available. Thank you so much.


CIndy had suffered from tendon pain for over half a year, and bought Target Tendonitis in January. Less than three months later, she’s almost back to normal.

If you’ve been suffering from a tendon condition for more than a couple of weeks, do you really want to wait any longer? You can try the techniques and nutritional recommendations in Target Tendonitis absolutely risk-free for 60 days – more than enough time to see whether they work as advertised. So what have you got to lose…other than your tendon pain, of course. 😉

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