Follow-up Testimonial

A couple days ago I got a follow-up testimonial from Michael Dorfman. He bought a copy of Target Tendonitis back in late May because of some stubborn tendon pain he had in his shoulders. By June 9th – about two weeks later – he was feeling so much better he sent in a progress report, which you can read here. (It’s in the comments.)

Here’s the follow-up report, received on October 20th:

Hi Alex,

I was planning to write you about my improvement. As I told you, my case was severe and since anti-inflamatories and conventional therapy hadn´t worked, including cortisone, the next step would be surgery. I would say that my recuperation has been about 90% and definitely I am very impressed with the results. The pain relief from the first couple of weeks of exercises was impressive… I still do the exercises 3 or 4 times a week as I´m still not 100%, although I feel that I´m about ready to go back to the Gym, being careful not to hurt myself again. I´ll be 69 in January.

Thank you for your discovery and for making it available to me.


May to October is a longer time-frame than usual for the techniques in Target Tendonitis to work, but the unfortunate fact is that recovery and rebuilding simply take longer if you’re older. Regardless, hats off to Michael for his perseverance and for not just accepting restricted motion and pain.

Michael got his results from a copy of the first edition of Target Tendonitis. While it was obviously good enough to get the job done, the second edition is even better, with more information and updated techniques for the same price (for the moment, anyway). If you’re suffering from tendon pain that hasn’t responded to traditional therapy, why waste any more time? At less than twenty bucks and with an iron-clad guarantee, Target Tendonitis may just be the best money you ever spend.

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