The zeitgeist of the lemmings

Alvin Toffler once wrote the following:

“A lot of what we call truth us assumed to be correct because of consensus. It is conventional wisdom. Everyone “knows” X to be true, therefore, it must be true. We absorb consensus truth from family, friends, co-workers and the surrounding culture, usually without thinking twice. It forms the zeitgeist of the lemmings.”

I love that quote. How does it apply to the subject of this blog? Well, the word “tendonitis” has been given such widespread use for such a long time, people (even doctors) tend to just accept the word when it comes to tendon pain, even when the indications don’t support the idea. Got tendon pain? Hey, it must be tendonitis. Everyone says so. If you tell your friend that you have it, there is no puzzled look or moment of incomprehension. He or she “knows” exactly what you’re talking about.

Too bad that 95% of the time it’s not really tendonitis at all, but tendonosis. There has been no shock or trauma involved, just a slow progression of pain that eventually became unbearable. The pain isn’t short term, and it doesn’t necessarily go away once it’s been “fixed”. Despite this, people still say “tendonitis”. Inflammation.


Don’t be a lemming.

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